Most Expensive Headphones To Buy Online in 2020

The Best Headphones to Buy Online in 2020 if You Have A Bigger Budget

The most expensive headphone in the world do not always have the best acoustic quality. Because it is enough to set a low-end headset with diamonds for its price to increase. Some manufacturers raise their prices to make their best headphone a prestige item. They know that the targeted buyers are not within a few thousand dollars: they want to wear the most expensive headphone in their world to show others that they can afford this gem.

The market is filled with lots of headphone brands , a very wide range of models and lines. It is difficult to determine which could be the best headphone brand. However, we have made an effort and we find 10 best most expensive headphone that also provide good performance.

Photo Title Price Buy
Focal Utopia Open Back $3,990.00
Ultrasone Edition 5
ABYSS AB-1266 Phi TC $5,995.00
V-Moda's 3D-Printed Headphone $367.88
Audeze LCD-4z $3,995.00
Final Audio - Sonorous X
HiFiMan HE1000 V2 $2,690.00
Beyerdynamic T1

1.Focal Utopia by Tournaire

The Utopia by Tournaire headphone is designed with the 18-carat gold mounted with six-carat diamonds. The Focal Utopia headphone already had some advanced technology such as lambskin pads guaranteeing incomparable comfort, as well as a broadband speaker, made of pure Beryllium. The rest of the headphone is adorned with black.

Its $120,000 price makes it to the most expensive and most prestigious headphone in the world. The Utopia by Tournaire headphone is completely exclusive since it is limited edition in the world.


  • 18-carat gold
  • six-carat diamonds
  • Advanced technology
  • Limited edition


  • Averagen performance

2.ABYSS AB-1266

The Abyss AB-1266 headphone is made of solid anodized aluminum. The transducers consist of a very light membrane with many small neodymium magnets arranged in a matrix. The technology used is of the “dynamic planar” type, it is also called orthodynamic. The acoustic structure of this headphone is open type. The bandwidth has been optimized for all frequencies.

The cushions are in lambskin, they are held with magnets on the earphones. You can adjust (by a few cms) the width of the arch according to the width of its head. The XLR connection cable measures 2.20 meters, and a 6.35 mm jack or other sockets can be connected at its end (4-pin XLR output). Special support allows you to put this exceptional headphone that can also be stored in a custom leather bag.

These open headphone do not include a system for eliminating external noise. It must therefore be used alone in a quiet room to avoid external disturbances and not to disturb another person nearby with the sound that “comes out” from the headphone. Users say that one has the impression of listening to loudspeakers when using these headphone.


  • Strong constraction
  • Lambskin
  • Durable Caps
  • Good Soun quailty


  • Nothing

3.Ultrasone Edition 5

The ultrasonic edition 5 headphone uses classic dynamic type transducers. The manufacturer has patented the S-Logic Plus technology (off-center transducer for better sound rendering). The neodymium magnets are shielded with metal to reduce the stray magnetic field outside the headphone. The headphone is delivered in an elegant suitcase which additionally contains a cleaning cloth, stainless steel support, a transport bag and two adaptation sockets (3.5 mm to 6.35 mm and vice versa).


  • Classic design
  • S-Logic Plus technology
  • Neodymium magnets
  • stainless steel frame


  • Low autonomy

4.STAX SR-009

The STAX SR-009  is another expensive headphone in the world. The headphone offer three ear mounts and six sizes of plugs. All this allows them to be used while playing sports or in a quieter environment with good support and excellent comfort. These headphone are classified IPX7 and are therefore completely waterproof. 

The autonomy announced by the brand is 18 hours, but in reality, it is rather 13 hours, knowing that it will depend on the volume of listening. This is managed with the remote control, which also allows you to take calls. The small negative point, the built-in microphone tends to let some of the surrounding noise pass. In order to guarantee autonomy, you should remember to switch off the headphone after use because they do not benefit from an automatic shutdown.

The sounds isolation is deplorable with external sounds far too present. However, there is no leak to report even at a higher volume which allows covering the surrounding noise without disturbing your neighbours. The headphone are perfect for music in an environment that is not too noisy or playing sports because of their good support.


  • Good ear support
  • Comfortable
  • Large Battery
  • High level Volume


  • Average Mic

5.V-Moda’s 3D-Printed Headphone

V-Moda 3d headphone are very beautiful and made with quality materials. Ergonomics is one of the great qualities of this model. It is safe and very light these earpieces offer different tips which make it possible to accentuate comfort. In addition, the maintenance may seem more difficult, but we advise you to turn the earpiece when inserting it into the ear. 

THX certification gives high-performance audio quality (compliant, or even better than that of other products in its range) with good bass. It is broadcast through three dynamic speakers in each headset. Once put, you are in complete isolation from the surrounding noise.


  • Beautiful Design
  • Strong material
  • Lightweigh frame
  • Long lasting


  • Normal Mic

6.oBravo EAMT


TheseoBravo EAMT headphone are completely water-resistant thanks to their IPX7 certification. Thus, they can be used in a bath as well as in the rain.

The earbuds are delivered with their case (rechargeable by USB-C cable supplied), and three sizes of silicone earpieces for a comfort adapted to each one. This box allows you to extend the autonomy of the headphone from 6 to 16 hours. 

However, the real revolution of the model is that you can only use one of the two headphone. You then double the listening range. Also, fast charging allows the earbuds to take an additional 1 hour in just 5 minutes.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is reliable and latency-free up to 10 m. Pairing the phone is easy. You can take calls, but unfortunately, there is only one microphone.

Regarding the sound quality, you will be surprised. The sounds are punchy and precise without leaving the garish. Also, the Jaybird app provides access to a fully customizable equalizer. The sound will be all the more immersive. The oBravo EAMT headphone are a good option if you have a huge budget.


  • Fast connection
  • water-resistant
  • Good autonomy
  • Lightweight


  • Nothing

7.Audeze LCD-4z

The Audeze LCD-4z beautifully designs and comes in two colours combination black and gold. The connection is more reliable than on its predecessor thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. who knows less or no latency. However, if you have Hi-Res and Aptx-HD type audio, the connection will not be made. 

The left allows you to turn the sound off and on. It can also activate the Ambient Sound function, to hear the external world. The right is used to contact Siri or Google Assistant and to pause. These controls are tactile. The headsets each have two speakers. Besides, if one of the two earbuds is removed, the music will pause automatically. On the other hand, the black point to note is the lack of volume control. 

However, the strength of this product is undoubtedly its anti-noise function (ANC). You can, therefore, take advantage of this to mask background noise in addition to listening to music. The battery status can be checked via the Sony Headphone Connect app. It also allows you to adjust the equalizer and switch to left-handed mode, which gives this model the ambidextrous character. 

The autonomy has been improved to reach 6 hours with the possibility of three full recharges via the charging box. So in all, 24 hours of autonomy. Note that with 10 minutes of fast charging, you get 90 minutes of listening time.


  • Anti-noise function
  • 90 minutes time
  • Fast Charging
  • Sony App


  • Bulky

8. Final Audio – Sonorous X

These Sonorous X new headphone will delight for smartphone users with their true sound quality and effective active noise reduction. These headphones easily connect to Apple devices. The IPX4 resistance allows use in the rain or during an intense sports session. Regarding the autonomy, it is around 4 hours with the noise reduction activated for a total of more than 24 hours with the charging unit. The real plus of this model compared to the original version is Apple’s effort in terms of sound quality. 


  • Comfortable
  • Good Connection options
  • Noise reduction
  • Good for gaming


  • Simple Mic

9. HiFiMan HE1000 V2

This HiFiMan has an ergonomic design, with an adjustable memory foam and long-lasting that provides comfort. Technology Plug-and-Play to connect with different devices without configuration. Great precision and sound quality in a range of twelve meters. Constant playback of up to 16 hours with autonomy.

It features Dolby Surround 7.1 surround sound. It includes a couple of additional channels that enhance individual sounds, making them sharper. They work with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and low latency. The microphone is unidirectional, removable and is previously optimized.


  • Latest Design
  • Adjustable foam
  • long-lasting
  • 16 hours playback


  • Nothing

10.Beyerdynamic T1

These headphone are ideal for gamers, and it has optimized noise suppression. LED indicator announcing if the microphone is active. They use 2.4 GHZ (gigahertz) wireless technology, which provides a stable connection. You can choose the cable or keep it wireless; the range is 15 meters.

Its sound is immersive to improve the user experience. 12 hours of continuous playback (wireless connection). The design of these headphone with a microphone is designed for long hours of use. It is Made with sports materials and customize buttons and enjoy a model with lights that react to those you listen to.


  • Noise suppression
  • Sports Material
  • 12 hours Playback
  • Strong Body


  • Heavy

Buying Guide

The expensive headphone come in various levels and qualities, from the most economical to the most advanced, with a design that covers the entire ear and cancels ambient noise. As we used to do at the beginning of our buying and comparison guides, here we leave you with the key aspects that you must look at to buy a wireless headset with noise cancellation.

  • Style, weight, ergonomics and headphone type: The design of the headphone is very important and we must take into account several details. It is recommended that they be light to wear for a longer time, that they fit well to the head so that they do not get out of adjustment when moving and that we visually like them, since in the end they are also a complement to clothing. The best noise canceling headphone are also of the circumoral type, where they cover the entire ear and thus prevent external sounds from entering more easily.
  • Build quality, diaphragm and pad materials: In addition to the shape, the quality of the materials used both for the exterior and for the internal components is very important, as it not only influences comfort, but also sound quality. The padding is usually silicone rubber and a high-quality exterior is ballistic nylon. Each manufacturer opts for specific materials, so it is worth reviewing what each of the headphone are like to get an idea of ​​what type of product we will have.
  • Bluetooth, NFC, cable and audio codec connectivity: At least BT version 4.1 / 4.2 is recommended, although it is difficult to find models with newer versions. Wireless headphone uses the Bluetooth A2DP profile, with the most common codecs being SBC, AAC, and AptX. Not everyone includes it, but for high-fidelity sound we mainly recommend the latter. It is also appreciated to have NFC connectivity and a 3.5mm jack port to connect directly with cable, where we use less battery power and improve sound.
  • Sound quality, sensitivity and noise cancellation: The most important aspect to consider is how they sound. Here we will find numbers such as sensitivity (dB), impedance (Ω) or frequencies via Bluetooth (Hz), although some are usually limit values ​​and do not always reflect the quality of the sound. On the other hand, the efficiency of noise cancellation between them varies greatly. It is also appreciated to have adjustment systems based on ambient noise or options to let certain frequencies pass, such as those of the voices.
  • Autonomy: The last aspect is the battery. Fortunately, most high-end noise canceling headsets typically last over 20 hours via Bluetooth, which translates to more than a week of average use. Yes, it is appreciated to have a USB type C connection for faster charging.



What types of headphone with a microphone?

The first difference is in the shape of the earpiece. There is open headphone that let the sound out and closed headphone that do not allow sound leaks. They also exist by circumoral and supernatural, which are characterized by whether or not they leave an opening to the ear. That is, they completely or not cover the ear.


It is possible to find a gigantic range that offers headphone in different sizes and shapes. In general, the most common headphone is closed headphone with a cable or via Bluetooth. They are those built into smartphones. But there is more; we have prepared the following list to better explain the classes of headphone with a microphone.

In-ear headphone: They are also known as earbuds and are often included with mobile phones. They are usually wired, although it is also possible to find them without cable. In general, this type of headphone offers good value for money. Although they essentially stand out for portability and lightness.

Due to its dimensions, they manage to occupy the entire ear canal, preventing external noise from seeping in. In sports they are widely used, there are models designed to solve difficulties when doing physical activity with headphone. For this reason, models have been invented with cables behind the head or with the shape of a hook to hold them.

On-ear headphone: If you do not want something too intrusive and prefer to opt for something more comfortable, so, you could use a supernatural headset. These headphones do not cover the ear but are placed above. They are usually ideal for walks or while you are at home. They are developed to decrease the load on the ears and neck.

In many cases, they present small models, with resistant materials. They don’t take up much space, and some are foldable to make them more practical. Although they have a disadvantage, their sound quality is compromised because their sound reduction does not prevent sound leakage. In some cases, it can cause discomfort when using them for a long time.

Circumaural headphone: This type of microphone headset is the type that completely covers the ear. Compared to the previous ones, they are much larger. Precisely for this reason, they offer high-quality noise reduction. They are usually used in professional studies or exclusively at home due to their large size.

The first feature that makes them shine is the sound quality. However, they also stand out for the comfort they offer during use. They include comfortable pads that surround the ear and leave free spaces so as not to cause discomfort. These headphones are fastened around the head with a headband-shaped structure.

Open or closed headphone: According to the way the sound is emitted in the headphone, they can be classified: open or closed. This classification has to do with the reduction of external noise and sound quality. Open headphone do not cover the ear. They are designed to provide a natural experience, leaving room for external noise. 

The closed ones are made to isolate the listener from the outside. In this type of headphone, the sound does not escape outwards, which is why less volume is needed to achieve the desired effect. In general, closed headphone are ideal for outdoors. We have prepared a specialized table to help you make the right decision.

What are the advantages of wireless headphone with mic?

If you opt for wireless headphone with a microphone, depending on the model and brand, you will obtain a series of benefits that we will explain in the following list. Please note that quality may be limited in this type of headphone. So, it is wise to review every detail before making a purchase decision.

  • Comfort: It is the quality for which the wireless microphone headphone stands out the most. You will no longer have to worry about cable tangles and limitations due to the length of the cable. You can listen to music without worrying, anywhere in the house or study. Also, in many cases, they are usually large headphones with adaptable pads.
  • Distance: For wired headphone, the limitation is equal to the length of the cable, which is usually one to two meters away. Wireless earphones offer different ranges of distance. Depending on the number of milliwatts you have, you will have a greater or lesser operational range.
  • Connectivity: It is probably one of the most appreciated qualities, after freedom of movement. Having Bluetooth technology, this type of headphone offers great connectivity because it is possible to pair them with the most current output devices. Now you can forget about the compatibility between equipment and connectors.

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