The Best Headphones for You To Buy Online for Kids in 2020

The Best Kid’s Headphones to Buy Online in 2020

If you know a child who needs headphones, the Puro BT2200 is the best choice to protect their growing ears. We did about 80 hours of research, spoke to experts from the WHO ( World Health Organization ), the CDC ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention ) and the NIDCD ( National Institute on Deafness and others communication disorders in the United States), seriously studied more than 50 models of headphones for children, tested and measured the best 37 for 63 hours over several days …

Photo Title Price Buy
Pack Mpow Children’s Headphones $18.99
EasySMX $24.99
KidzGear CH68KG02 $16.99
JLabsJBuddies Headphones for Children $13.90
JVC HAKD5Y $26.99
Sony MDRZX110P.AE $19.99
Riwbox AB005 Wireless Headphones 5.0 $29.98
AUSDOM K1 Kids Headphones
Onanoff BuddyPhone $17.50

These tests carried out; we are now convinced that Puro BT2200 is the best choice. Not only does it meet our volume limitation testing standards, but it was the only model appreciated by both young and older children who helped us test. It is Bluetooth compatible, which provides better control of maximum volume, and wire, which allows it to be used with many devices. Furthermore, its sound quality is suitable for adults.

Headphones for children claim to limit the maximum volume to 85 decibels, a threshold that WHO considers “safe.” However, up to a third of the models, we tested exceeded this volume during the pink noise test, some allowing much higher levels.

Pushing our tests further, we found that an even higher proportion, almost one in two, exceeded the recommended limit of 85 dB when it broadcast real music. In addition, many of the models tested suffered from design flaws allowing a child to easily bypass their volume-limiting systems.

You can see the details of our testing procedure below. Following our discoveries, the New York Times, publisher of Wirecutter, conducted its own investigation (in English) on the regulation and safety of headphones for children.

At the end of our analyzes, we identified several models of helmets that we could serenely recommend. Note, however, that protecting a child’s ears is not limited to providing him with one of these references: in our opinion, earphones limiting volume are only tools that can help parents or guardians to protect the hearing of the youngest.

These are not solutions in themselves. But our favorites, if used well, should be able to offer an additional level of protection to your children’s eardrums, as well as some serenity for you.

Pack Mpow Children’s Headphones

The Mpow Helmet is part of the revolutionary product lines in terms of wired headphones. Indeed, thanks to the shared port integrated into the helmet, it makes possible the interconnection between two helmets.

The first, which is directly connected with the support, will serve as a passage to connect the second. With the 120 cm length of the wires of each headset, sharing sound and music will be more comfortable.

In addition, the pack of two headsets is equipped with the volume limiter in order to guarantee the maximum security for the small ears of your children, and this does not exceed 85 dB.

Developed with a padded hoop for better wearing comfort, it is all the more adjustable to suit all sizes and very malleable, which allows it to withstand all types of assaults wonderfully.

To this are added very ergonomic headphones, adorned with a touching panda, and presented so as to be soft for the ears, because made of soft material.

A significant advantage, and not least, the price offered by the seller is quite striking for all that the product has to offer. Indeed, for a pack purchase, in the concept of a “plug and play,” with the security provided in addition to the aesthetics, we perceive good value for money.


  • Concept

  • Functionality

  • Value for money


  • Addiction


The EasySMX children’s helmet offers the best product combining functionality, aesthetics, and safety. Indeed, they very subtly marry these three criteria, thus completing the added value of the product. Equipped with the essential volume limiter at 85 dB, these headphones have a frequency response of 20HZ-20000HZ, making it an excellent product because the sound is not changed.

It also has several advantages making it a CPSIA / EN71 / ASTM / CE certified product, which covers safe, uses as a product, but mainly as an article for children, and the manufacturing of which respects the environment. Surprisingly light, the helmet is made of a resistant material like silicone rubber, which allows it to be rolled up in all directions without distorting it.

This EasySMX helmet will also delight your children because it adapts admirably to all kinds of media, portable music players, smartphones, tablets … provided that the latter is equipped with a Jack input. Helmet changed in two colors, pink and yellow, it will delight your children with flower patterns for pink, and the sobriety of yellow in two tones.


  • Ergonomics

  • Performance

  • Design


  • Price

KidzGear CH68KG02

This helmet is genuinely modeled on high-performance models of the helmet for adults, but in a version better suited for children, and with all the precautions that this entails. The KidzGear mask, the best brand of headphones for children, is undoubtedly the most efficient in its department. These wired headphones for children, of the supra-aural type, are equipped with volume limiter technology to meet the needs of children. The adjustable headband offers better carrying for all children’s heads.

Among other things, the quality of the padded earphones offers better comfort for children’s ears, especially for continued use.

Designed in different colors, with its 1.5 m of cables, which connects with the current jack, it offers a more than satisfactory sound rendering. The sound is not blurred, it is faithfully reproduced, and the volume can be adjusted as desired. It is just as compatible with all kinds of devices, including phones, tablets, and iPods. Its use is all the more facilitated, even for children, since it requires no intervention other than connecting the cable to the support.

These headphones not only ensure the highest sound quality but also, their components are safe and elegant and comfortable for children to wear.


  • Design

  • Sound rendering

  • Performance


  • Price

JLabsJBuddies Headphones for Children

Wired on-ear headphones, exquisite black color, JLabJBuddies was designed to meet the needs of children to have good headphones. This accessory ensures good sound quality, excellent safety for the child’s ear, and of course, it is fun, beautiful to see, and easy to use. JLab Audio is a creative audio equipment company founded in 2005, with an inspired design and innovative technology, without being mind-boggling. JLab presents state-of-the-art headphones designed and acoustically formed for children.

Headsets have been tested by children of all ages for comfort, ease of use, and appearance while keeping them secure with an integrated volume limiter that doesn’t even require a separate cable, all of this to ensure a safe listening experience.

It comes with 3D stickers to embellish the helmet; it will only be more pleasant. One of the strong points which lift this product to the bottom of the podium is the consistency and robustness of this helmet. Indeed, created for children of 2 years and more, it is a pity that this helmet cannot cope with the energy overflows of children.


  • Aesthetic

  • Performance

  • Solidity


  • Volume control


Parents who are always wondering which the best headphones are for children on the market can trust the JVC brand. The HAKD5Y model, for example, will appeal to all lovers of both bright and sharp tones.

It is perfect for vacations, sports sessions, computer classes, or just to enjoy your favorite songs at home. In addition, it presents a colorful design that will appeal to little girls as well as to little boys.

Specially designed for small ears, these JVC headphones produce a balanced sound and limit the listening volume to a level suitable for children (85 Db / 1 mW).

Thanks to their lightness, their 0.8m cords, and their very flexible pads, they are suitable for prolonged use, offer good passive insulation and optimized comfort. Your children will hardly feel anything when they wear them.

The kit also includes fun and cute stickers that will allow young people to have fun and personalize their headphones while developing their creativity by offering a unique style to their accessories.

On the box, you will find precise and detailed information on their configuration and the precautions for use.

This versatile design helmet is suitable for a variety of uses. Its use is ideal for listening to music, movies, or during lessons. Its aesthetic is perfect for both sexes.


  • Reliability: You may notice that these headphones are made for small children’s ears if you have had time to compare them. In addition, the volume meets the needs of children since it is limited to 85 dB.

  • Comfortable: The weight of this article is lightened; its cable is also long enough. The pads also benefit from great flexibility to optimize the pleasure in use.


A quite short cable: The cord was not long enough for some parents who had integrated an extension.


The design of the MDRZX110P.AE headphones have been studied for children’s morphologies. Little girls will love their pink color, but they are also available in other colors such as white or black.

They are compatible with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So your little one can learn or listen to music anywhere.

These headphones have a microphone and a wired remote control in their cord, which allows their user to make or receive calls in hands-free mode when they are connected to their phone.

They benefit from an enveloping design, which allows them to offer better acoustic quality, with vibrant sounds and deep bass, without the user being bothered by outside noises.

The plastic used in their manufacture is both flexible and robust to withstand handling by toddlers. They weigh only 120 g, which allows a pleasant port.

The adjustable headband and the padded pads that cover the ears well provide satisfactory comfort.

Their compact and foldable design makes their transport easy and their storage more practical. They occupy very little space and will easily find their place in your bag or in your luggage.

This article is recommended if you cannot yet define which headphones for children to choose from. Faced with the color of this model, it is suitable for little girls. In addition, it can easily connect to a computer or tablet to listen to music.


  • Telephone function: When the headphones are connected to a Smartphone, it can be used to receive and make calls using the microphone and the remote control.

  • Reliability: This article benefits from an enveloping design, which helps it to optimize the acoustic quality while protecting from external noise.

  • Comfortable use: Given its weight of 120 g and the padding of the pads, this device is comfortable to wear. In addition, it can fold, and its headband is also adjustable.


Without sound limiter: The absence of this option would have annoyed some parents, to the extent that it could damage the hearing of their children.

Riwbox AB005 Wireless Headphones 5.0

You are looking for an original gift idea to please your little princess. If so, why not opt ​​for these cute” earphones! They are offered by the brand Riwbox AB005 Wireless Headphones 5.0, are dressed in colors and patterns that are very suitable for little girls.

These devices are compatible with several kinds of devices: tablets, smartphones, computers, mp3, mp4, iPod, learning machines, etc. They are fitted with an integrated volume limiter to protect your children’s ears (85 dB).

The sound they produce is then continuously measured for safe use. Also, they are light (130 g) and are provided with leather pads for a perfect fit and comfortable wearing. Thus, they are suitable for prolonged use. However, for safety reasons, it is advisable not to use them for more than two hours.

They are made from a quality, non-toxic materials that respect the environment and the fragile skin of children. These components are robust enough to withstand different situations. CPSIA, ENTI, ASTM and CE certifications and the 12-month warranty ensure reliable use.

We will introduce you to the features of this product if you don’t know where to buy the best headphones for kids. The design of this article is meticulously cared for so that it is suitable for all little girls.


  • Broad compatibility: These accessories are designed so that your child can access music from many sources such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • Constant use: The sound volume provided by this device is limited to 85 dB to protect the ears of children.

  • High quality: The manufacturer favors only quality materials so that the use of these headphones is safe. Besides, this product has obtained many certifications that demonstrate its performance.


Reasonably decent size: The headphones were a little too tight for children with large heads, some parents said.

AUSDOM K1 Kids Headphones

Children’s headphones are not toys. So, it is essential to choose them well. Get a great deal by selecting these cheap earphones from AUSDOM K1 Kids Headphones! Their practicality makes them perfect accessories for trips or long journeys by car. They can accompany you everywhere. They are foldable and adjustable for easy and less bulky storage.

Kids love their cat ears style. Also, they are equipped with LED lighting, which adds more to the originality of their design. They come with a user manual, a battery that offers functional autonomy, and are compatible with smartphones, tablets, consoles, mp3 / mp4 players, and many other devices with a 3.5 mm jack. They also provide excellent support and comfortable wearing thanks to their ergonomic design.

As children do not always have the delicacy to store their things correctly or to put them down gently after each use, these headphones are made of reliable and robust materials, which allows them to ensure long life and excellent resistance. In order not to harm the ears of toddlers, it is possible to limit their volume.

Investing in a cheaper model can be interesting if it has excellent design quality. This is precisely the case for this product whose use is recommended for long journeys. Moreover, they fold easily.


  • Design: The manufacturer has particularly taken care of the appearance of these headphones thanks to their manufacture in the form of cat ears. This is not all since they also include LED lighting. Compatibility: The use of this accessory is widened since it can be connected with all devices with a 3.5 mm jack plug.

  • Reliability: Thanks to the materials used in the design of this article, it can easily withstand the uses. Besides, its volume is limited to avoid adverse effects on the ears of the little ones.


Unsustainable lights: Some of the users expressed disappointment because the lighting had only worked for a few weeks.

Onanoff BuddyPhone

Much more balanced than its predecessor – including the price side – this model represents the perfect alternative if you do not want to invest as much like the first model claims. Consumers validate the product without the slightest hesitation, as evidenced by comments on shopping platforms. Children are delighted with their gift, while parents are happy with their purchase!


  • Available in several colors: blue, pink, black and yellow

  • Bluetooth operation

  • Excellent autonomy of 14h

  • The size of the headband can be adjusted to fit the child’s head

  • The maximum volume can be placed in 3 positions, depending on the age of the child or the situation

  • StudyMode option makes voices clearer

  • Strength and solid construction

  • Thanks to the jack splitter, up to 4 headsets can be connected simultaneously to the same device


  • The price is still quite important

JBL Audio JBuddies

Compared to previous models, this one will impress you with its price. And not only! Performance is also a definite asset of the device.

If the Hexagon is stingy enough in comments and customer reviews, the United States is, on the other hand, more prolific. Consumers particularly value the price-quality ratio of the device, including quality technology, and above all, an autonomy to easily make the competition pale.


  • Incorporates a maximum limit of 85 decibels so as not to hurt your child’s hearing

  • The volume regulator allows you to adjust the maximum volume according to your preferences

  • Bluetooth operation with a stable connection

  • Excellent autonomy: the battery displays 13 hours on the meter!

  • The hoop is covered with memory foam, to best adapt to the morphology of your child’s skull and thus offer personalized and optimal comfort.

  • The two earphones include pads to protect your child’s ears

  • The device is practical, can be folded for storage or transport facilities


  • The maximum level of music may still seem too loud for some parents

  • No wired connection, only Bluetooth


Q1: Does the earphone work on children’s game consoles?

If your game console has a Jack cable entry, the earpiece will obviously work. It just requires connecting the earphone to the console, and the sound will be produced only in the headset. If your console is connected to a television or other screen, music will be transmitted to these stations, so you need to join the earpiece with these other devices. The jack cable is just a standard audio jack so it can pass on all equipment with jack input.

Q2: Is the sound produced really audible and correct for a car trip?

The sound produced by the earpiece is more than enough for children if you put it on the maximum volume. Turning the volume down depends precisely on the environment in which the headphone is used.

In a noisy place, outside, in a car, in an airplane, there is no risk to turn the volume down, because the amount is limited to 85 dB for children and the earphone has been designed to do not exceed this sensitivity, so no risk for the ears. However, we advise you not to turn the volume down entirely in quieter or soundproofed places, before using children, please test the necessary capacity and adjust according to the atmosphere of the room.

Q3: What materials are used for the pads?

The pads have been produced for the comfort of children’s ears during use. They are, therefore, soft and non-rigid materials to ensure satisfaction and contain sound in contact with the listeners.

The outer covering of the pad is made of imitation leather and the personal protection of soft fabric or sponge. On contact, the pad with this quality, and these materials used adopts the shape of the child’s ear. It is fixed to hold the earpiece in place and prevent the child from earache every time.

Q4: How to choose a child earphone?

Be aware that a child earphone is specially designed for over-ear headphones, which means that it does not fit in the ears, unlike in-ear headphones, this for more safety and to prevent the risk that a child may swallow the earpiece.

We also advise you to take care of the hearing security and the ergonomics of the earpiece, which means: the sensitivity produced by the earpiece. The child can be listened to with a maximum volume of 85 dB and no more.

The design of the earpiece should also not be overlooked and checked for risk to the child.

Q5: Can the earphone fold?

From its design for a child, the earpiece can actually fold. It has excellent flexibility, which does not affect its durability and endurance. The earpiece will thus adapt to the child’s head and according to its movements.

The wire covering is also flexible enough to bend the wire during storage and avoid cutting the internal wires. This means that your child can move and move around without risking damaging the earpiece.


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