Best Bass Headphones You Can Find on Amazon


Amazon’s Best Bass Boosted Headphones to Buy

Photo Title Price Buy
Audeze LCD-3 $1,945.00
Audeze iSINE10 in-Ear | Semi-Open Headphone $369.00
beyerdynamic T1 $599.99
Bowers & Wilkins PX7 $272.78
Sony Headphone MDR-Z7M2 $780.00
Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7bBK Over-Ear High-Resolution Headphones (Black) $249.00

Listening to your favorite music with headphones is almost an intimate experience. Choosing headphones with high bass is usually not an easy task. Not only because there is had a market crowded with diverse models and functions. But because the ideal is that they adapt to your style and needs. For this reason, 

Here we will review 5 best bass headphones and also summarize the most important aspects that you should take into account when buying headphones with a microphone.

1. Audeze LCD-3

The LCD3s are the best bass headphones from Audeze. They integrate the best in terms of technology and construction materials. They are quite expensive, but they are widely recognized among professionals and audiophiles for their exceptional sound quality.


All LCD-3 construction materials are of top quality. The outer part is made of processed Zebrano wood, while the interior and the band are covered with very soft leather. In addition to wood and leather, it is mainly made up of mechanical parts.

These bass headphones have a sleek design with a retro aesthetic. They are open Over-Ear type with very large and attractive cups. They integrate neodymium planar magnetic transducers that offer a frequency response of 5 to 50 kHz. They are very resistant: they can withstand several blows, and at the same time, they are refined. They have one of the most recognizable designs on the market, and it is a pleasure to wear them.


The LCD-3s weighs about 550 grams. They do not produce annoying pressure, and the pads feel very comfortable. They present an angulations that best adapts to the head, and the band has excellent padding. It can be used for a long time without bothering, although the ears begin to heat up and the weight is felt after a couple of hours.


These bass Audeze helmets produce truly impeccable sound. The balance is the best we’ve tested, and the instruments feel as if they are present. They also remarkably capture the most sublime details. They are expensive, but their quality sets them apart from the competition.

The basses are deep, powerful and also feel faithful and delicate. They have a richness and warmth that can be addictive. The mid and high tones are perhaps also impeccable. These bass headphones shine on all frequencies. The uniformity of the sound is surprising, and the sound spatiality is unique. They allow you to enjoy all instruments and vocals with an ideal fidelity for the most demanding audiophiles.


They are designed to connect to a quality headphone amplifier as they work with an impedance of 110 ohms. The purchase package comes with a travel case, a 4-pin mini XLR cable, a 4-pin XLR to mini XLR cable, and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter.


The Audeze LCD-3 Classic is undoubtedly one of the best bass headphones on the market. The build quality is impeccable, but the sound they deliver is the most faithful and highest quality we’ve ever tested. They are very expensive, but they are so good that their price is justified. 

2. Audeze iSINE10

The Audeze iSine are in-ear headphones in theory, but they have a unique design that does not invade the ear canal. They are the first in-ear headphones with planar magnetic technology and produce great sound.


The Audeze iSine shocked the world for their design. They are too big to be in-ear helmets and stay out of your ears. They’re not all that appealing, but when you listen to them, you won’t mind anything else. Also, they are very comfortable and only weigh about 20 grams.

They are open type bass headphones. This means that sound spatiality and clarity are great. However, they also let out a sound and do not isolate external noise well. Inside these bass helmets are 30mm planar magnetic diaphragms that produce a controlled, accurate sound without any distortion.

The low levels of distortion are really remarkable. The iSine 10 comes with various silicone tips that fit snugly over the ears. You can also use tips from different brands, although this is not recommended as it can reduce the media response.


These bass helmets have a unique and comfortable design, but you need to get used to them. They stay floating, and the cups move closer to the ear canal to create the seal you need to hear the sound. Once you get familiar with the system, they are very comfortable. They are lightweight, stay fixed, and cables don’t pull them down.


The Audeze iSine 10 features planar magnetic technology that produces highly detailed, high-fidelity sound. They have an impedance of 10 ohms that offers a good resolution. The mid and high tones feel soft and have a good presence, while the bass response (600Hz to 10Hz) is great.

The sound is observed rich and with a remarkable extension to be in-ear headphones. All frequencies have good detail and precision. We don’t have anything negative to say about it. They are innovative bass headphones ideal for critical music listening.


The Audeze iSine 10 headphones come with several different silicone tips and hooks, a cleaning brush, a shirt clip and a cloth bag for transportation, plus the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

They come with a high-quality removable 3.5mm audio cable. Besides, you can use a wired lighting ideal for new Apple products that have no 3.5mm output. Audeze also developed an iOS app that allows you to customize the sound in real-time. It offers two presets to customize the playback to your taste and a 10-band equalizer.


The Audeze iSine 10 is a bass in-ear headphone with planar technology. They are one of a kind and offer excellent sound quality. We regret that they do not attenuate external noise in a better way, but this is due to their open design that provides a special sound spatiality. If you are looking for in ear bass headphones, this option is excellent. 

3. beyerdynamic T1

The second-generation Beyerdynamic T1s are circumaural bass headphones with a semi-open design. They are a twist on the iconic Beyerdynamic T1. It is not a superficial or design improvement, but rather the opposite; the brand wanted to improve the sound quality where it was possible.


The appearance of the second generation T1 hardly varies from the previous ones. Its design is classic and sober; the metallic grey of the drivers predominates in contrast to the black of the headband and pads. There are no big logos or anything that wants to catch the attention as if they wanted to say “forget about the image, we are going to take care of what matters”. 


The ear cushions have a velvety feel and make listening to music a real pleasure. Also, the headband settings are good, and the weight is moderate so that you can focus on music for hours.


The materials used are of the highest quality, as is logical in this range of headphones, which are manufactured by hand, one by one. The outer grille is steel, the headband is natural leather, and the ear cushions are microfiber. The controllers are highly efficient thanks to Tesla technology and provide a sensitivity of up to 102 decibels.


High-fidelity sound: Just wear these bass headphones you will notice clarity and precision difficult to match, and the definition of the music scene is almost perfect. There is an improvement compared to the first generation, something that was very difficult to achieve. We have noticed that the bass now has a bit more punch.


The cables are reinforced by a synthetic mesh and connected directly to the capsules. In addition to the mini-jack connection, they have a 6.35 mm jack adapter.


The second-generation Beyerdynamic T1s are headphones for true lovers of high-quality sound. They are mainly intended for home use, but they are not for any amateur, but for those who worry about having good amplification and quality equipment.

4. Bowers & Wilkins PX7

The B&W PX7 appeared very recently to compete with the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market. They are an update of the excellent PX. They integrate new transducer technology, support the aptX Adaptive codec, and deliver clearer, more detailed sound than the previous model.


The PX7s has a very attractive design. They look less elegant than the previous model, but they are more comfortable. These bass headphones replace the metal chassis of the PX with a strong and very lightweight carbon fibre body. They can be used for hours without causing discomfort. They have soft padding on the band and cups that create a good seal against environmental noise without exerting pressure.

The PX7 bass music headphones have a button on the left cup that allows you to select three different modes of noise cancellation, while on the right cup are the buttons to manage Bluetooth connectivity, volume and playback. They do not have a folding structure, although the cups rotate to facilitate transportation in the case that comes with the purchase package.


The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 is one of the first bass headphones to support the new aptX Adaptive codec. The codec allows you to wirelessly play formats with resolutions up to 24 bit/ 48kHz with very low latency. Plus, it improves Bluetooth sync and minimizes any connectivity issues.

In addition to Bluetooth technology, bass PX7 headphones have a 3.5mm audio input that allows you to connect any device via a cable.


The sound profile of the PX7 is as well balanced as in the previous model, but it significantly improves performance in terms of clarity and detail. The rhythmic precision is impeccable, and all frequencies feel crisp and separate. They integrate new 43mm transducers, the largest among the Bowers and Wilkins bass headphones, which emit a rich and dynamic sound.

Another of the positive points of these bass headphones is their noise cancellation technology. It is not as good as that of the Bose 700 or Sony WH-1000XM3, but it is among the best on the market. With the left cup button, you can control three levels that work perfectly in any environment. The lowest level is ideal for isolating yourself in the office, while the highest level attenuates noise from the noisiest environments very well. Also, they have an ambient mode that allows you to listen to ambient sounds without removing your helmets, something very useful in airports or train stations.

Overall, the sound quality is great for wireless noise-cancelling headphones. They don’t offer the neutrality and sonic spatiality of other models on this list, but the sound is felt faithful and very clear at any volume level.


The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 comes with a battery that delivers up to 30 hours of continuous playback with active noise cancellation. It is a great capacity, and they also charge very fast thanks to the USB-C port. You can use them for more than five hours, with only 15 minutes of charge.


They have a closed design and are not as faithful as the most expensive models on this list, but they offer a balanced sound, clean and with good details in all frequencies. They are also very comfortable, they support the new aptX Adaptive codec, and they have a great performance battery. They are versatile bass headphones ideal for any situation. 

5. Sony Headphone MDR-Z7M2

The Sony MDRZ7 is a dynamic, circumaural closed-style bass headset. With them, SONY has wanted to place one of its products among the highest range again.

They are made entirely in Japan with the highest quality materials. They are mainly intended for domestic use.


As if it were to dress a person in a tailcoat or an evening dress, Sony has chosen to “dress” these headphones with a sober and elegant aesthetic in which the colour black predominates, with the only exception of the presence of the brand logo on the outside of the drivers.


The design of the set is simple, functional; the pads are synthetic leather and very fluffy. It has a wide range of adjustments in the headband, and the union between the various pieces is firm. All this makes it very comfortable to spend hours at home with them on.


The materials of these Sony headphones are top quality (aluminum, leather). The assembly of all parts is precise and ensures that adjusting or moving the headphones does not produce unwanted noise or vibrations. It has 70 mm HD drivers, with diaphragms made of liquid crystal polymer that obtain an excellent response to all kinds of frequencies. Also, the SONY MDRZ7 comes with Hi-Res Audio technology, designed to reproduce recordings made in high resolution faithfully and to improve the sound of sounds that are over compressed.


The closed design allows great isolation and Sony has managed to avoid the typical problems of this type of driver (difficult location of sounds, weighing down sound sources). On the contrary, the bass has been overpowered (although this always depends on the taste of each one). This prominence of low frequencies causes the mid and high frequencies to be diminished, removing nuances from our hearing.


The SONY MDRZ7 comes with detachable cable 3 meters and another 2 meters, plus an adapter connector UniMatch.


These bass music headphones are spectacular and provide a sound quality similar to that of other much higher-priced competitors, making them a good option for music fans who cannot opt ​​for higher ranges. Its sound boosts the bass frequencies quite a bit, but its isolation and level of detail are superb. 

6. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7bBK

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK are closed-type, over-ear headphones with dynamic technology and designed for portable use. It is the upgraded version of the ATH-M50X, resulting in a rounder and somewhat more expensive product.


The finish of the ATH-MSR7BK is somewhat more careful than that of the rest of the “M” series of the brand. The good part is that they are more solid and the bad part is that they are no longer foldable (although the ear cups rotate 90º, which helps them to be stored more comfortably). There are two designs: black with blue and brown with red.


The headband is very padded, more than the average of other products in this range. The pads are made of very soft and breathable synthetic leather. The weight is 290 grams, quite light compared to other similar hearing aids.


These bass headphones are made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy. They are strong and simple. The pads are made of synthetic leather. The transducers are dynamic and measure 45mm. The whole set is well assembled and conveys a feeling of solidity. Its low impedance (35 Ohm) gives us good sound quality even without an amplifier.


The quality of their sound positively differentiates them from their competition. Its response between the various frequencies is quite good, especially in the averages, where it reaches a great amount of detail. The bass is soft and the treble maybe a little bit thick, but overall improvements have been made across the ranges.


These headphones come with three cables: two 3.5 mm connection cables (1.2 and 3 meters) and a cable for smart phones with microphone and volume control.


It is a highly recommended product with good sound. They can be used in very different environments, and their low impedance makes them ideal for use with smartphones. 

Buying guide: How to Choose The Best Headphones for You

Sound Quality

The frequency range is a vital element that you have to consider. The ear ranges from 20 hertz (Hz) to 20,000 hertz (20 kHz). The headset should ideally cover this range. It is also worth noting the speed with which the headphones change frequency. If the faster the frequency, the richer the sound.

On the other hand, it is convenient to check the size and number of transducers, which are in charge of transforming electricity into sound. The large ones offer excellent bass reproduction. Headphones that include drivers for both bass and treble will deliver clean, accurate sound.



In addition to being noticed by the quality of the audio, the headphones with a microphone are differentiated by the sound profiles. This does not necessarily define the quality of the device. We talk about the predefined equalization that has to do with the effort or the decrease of the frequency ranges.

Among the equalizations you will find balanced or flat versions, which are usually more faithful than the original recording; Recommended for genres like classical music. V-EQ accentuates bass and treble in loud genres. Finally, the bass head headphones are designed to reinforce bass and increase depth.


This is the quality of the headphones to prevent sound from escaping or entering. It is usually a common feature in closed models. In the market, you also find headphones with active noise cancellation. In headphones with a microphone is a system that emits an artificial sound wave to reduce ambient noise.


This factor can radically change your perception of music through headphones. Among the most comfortable headphones with microphone are the headband models, for their large cups and adjustable ear cushions. 

Size and Design

If you prefer to move around listening to music, then this is one aspect to consider. Headband headphones are the most practical when you’re on the go. Many models are foldable and do not take up much space, although something discreet may be more convenient for you to use in the office.


The type of connection will depend on whether you need quality or comfort. The headphones with a microphone that works through Bluetooth indeed increase their popularity. But it is also true that many of these systems do not outperform the sound quality of wired headphones in similar price ranges.

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