Best Bluetooth Headset for Convertible Cars

Technology is constantly advancing, the market is coming up with new products each day that are being made to make life easier for us. Since everything is moving at a faster pace, gadgets have evolved to meet ends as well. They come with different features to cater to our needs and make things more efficient for us. What if you are driving a convertible car, but have to communicate with others? A Bluetooth headset for the convertible driving is your must-have gadget. (Also read best headsets for truck drivers)

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Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Compatible with iPhone, Android, and Other Leading Smart Devices - Black
BlueParrott C400-XT Bluetooth Convertible Headset $189.00

Wearing a Bluetooth headset has been becoming popular among the drivers. They are easy to use, versatile and handy. Although it can be a bit tricky to pick the right headset for yourself. The best way to choose the right Bluetooth for convertible car drivers is through trying it out and evaluating it based on how it feels and fits. Since it needs to place right on the ear. Other important factors include sound quality, design and style, battery life and material.

Key Features for Best Headset for Convertible Driving

It is very important to make sure that your headsets are suitable for calling purposes. Quality of calls is an important consideration since the second most important usage of headsets is calling.
Convertible driving usually comes with the open-air of the roof.  What if you require calling communication during such a driving session? You surely wouldn’t want your call to be interrupted by outside noises. Therefore, having the feature of noise cancellation in your Bluetooth headset is a crucial part. Headsets with two to three mics usually perform the best for noise cancellation, as one mic focuses on ambient noise that can be cancelled out by the systems algorithm present within the headset.

Another important feature to look out for is the headsets’ battery life. Since it’ll be a Bluetooth headset, you will be required to take notice of its charging as it is wireless and needs to be plugged in specifically to get charged.

Comfort is a subjective feature. It might be suitable for one, nevertheless, might not be suitable for the other person. However, the best headsets come in different sizes of ear tips, in addition to that, there are headsets with over the ear look.

Bluetooth headsets come with different ranges upon which they work before they start facing connectivity issues. Headsets with larger antennas are beneficial for long-distance usage as they have more range that they can cover easily.

Best Bluetooth Headset for Convertible Car Driving

We have done our diligence and singled out the following two Bluetooth headsets working best for convertible cars’ drivers. We composed a brief review for each model, so to help users choose their favorite headset without much hassle.

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Pro is rated as one of the best headsets for convertible driving by previous users. This headset performs the best in terms of noise blocking on noisy roads. It is capable of offering drivers’ the best talking experience during the driving session.

Voyager Pro is bigger than other headsets presented in the market. Getting it on your ear can be a tricky task but once it has been placed, it will start feeling like it’s a part of you.

Voyager Pro comes with four controls, volume control (increase and decrease), on/off switch and a call control button. Extra functions are also provided within the headset, such as the option to mute and unmute the mic. An automated female voice is integrated to inform the user whether the mute has been turned on or off.

The headset also has an LED light that indicates its different states. For example, when it is being paired to a device, when it is being charged or when the battery is running low. The pairing process is simple, you hold onto the button that switches the headset on and off and waits for the LED light to turn red.

Voyager pro can support several multi-points, this means that it can be connected to more than one device at a time. It also means that you can connect the headset to your phone, laptop, pc and other gadgets all at the same time without facing any connectivity issues.

BlueParrott C400-XT Bluetooth Convertible Headset VXI-204151

BlueParrot has been specially designed for loud environments such as call centers or business industries. The headset itself isn’t cheap but it has an excellent noise cancellation feature that enables the user to use the headset freely without needing to change their location to carry outcalls. Although there is a major setback to it, it is not known to be a comfortable piece of the headset. For those who work in noisy environments, e.g driving the convertible car on the road, BlueParrot C400-XT might be the real deal.

The headset looks aesthetic and has been intelligently designed to cater to all needs. That being said, it has a delicately placed internal circuitry that been built to enhance the mic itself and not the headset, which makes the built easier to wear and manage in day to day life.

The mic has a foam windscreen that has been foamed and an earpad that has been padded with a cushion. Booms angle can be changed following the users’ requirements, although blue parrot suggests to place it near the corner of the mouth. Although the complete feel of the headset isn’t too comfortable as it wraps around your head, especially for those who wear glasses; they might feel discomfort in an enhanced manner. The built of the headpiece is not something you can wear for an entire day, you will be required to take it off at midday to feel at peace.

On top of the boom arm, there is a button that supports the on/off system. Another one followed by it controls the muting system. The best part about it is that the headset’s functions can be changed from mute to speed dial, voice memos, and many different options.


Both the headsets provided above are two of the leading ones in the market, that is being widely used by businesses and corporations. Both have their pros and cons, as they offer different features to make your work easier. However, they might not be the cheapest ones in the market although they will offer you the service you paid for. If you are considering buying a Bluetooth headset for driving a convertible car, then these two should be on top of your list to check out before others.

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