LG HBS 730 Tone Plus Headset Review

There are a variety of Bluetooth headsets available in the market – different shapes, sizes, and forms cater to every user’s preference. The LG Tone Plus, however, is not your typical Bluetooth headset. It is designed to be worn around the neck, a unique and sleek design that ensures comfort even if it is worn throughout the day.

The LG Tone Plus is incredibly lightweight! It is one of the lightest Bluetooth headsets I have encountered. Weighing less than two ounces, you wouldn’t have to worry about it straining your neck. Definitely, the LG Tone Plus provides convenience through its ergonomic design – making it completely comfortable to wear.

It consists of in-ear headphones connected via magnet to an 8 ½ inch Memory Flex neckband, or the main unit. Its in-ear headphones do not fall off easily – a problem that exists in almost every type of headset. The LG Tone Plus’ headphones stay firmly in place. However, I would not recommend it to be used during workouts. Too much movement, like jogging, would make the neckband to bobble in every direction. In addition, the wires connecting the in-ear headphones are a bit longer than necessary.

The main unit of the LG Tone Plus is adorned with a lot of buttons to control the device. For convenience or not, it actually depends on every user’s perusal. There are buttons that help navigate a video or song that is currently playing. You can play, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and adjust the volume to your heart’s content! A great thing about these buttons is that they are raised – finding them would be quite easy. The struggle, however, is that there is a bunch of buttons placed on each side of the neckband that it would take a while to master which button is for which.

LG Electronics Tone+ HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset – Retail Packaging – Pink

Sound Quality

Listening to music on your LG Tone Plus is quite a pleasure. A decent amount of bass is produced, without skimping on higher frequencies. Want to listen to your music as loud as possible? No problem! With LG Tone Plus, crackling in the audio will not occur even if you turn up the volume to the maximum.

The LG Tone Plus, through the convenience of Bluetooth technology, delivers a high-quality audio experience. This feature is made possible by the LG Tone Family’s aptX compatibility. One downside of any Bluetooth headset is the delays in audio while watching videos. Although this is normal, this issue will not occur to LG Tone Plus if your device supports the aptX codec.

In as much as I am thrilled about the LG Tone Plus’ performance regarding playing music, it is somewhat disappointing that it is not as promising when it comes to in-call audio. The quality of calls heard through LG Tone Plus was okay, a bit disappointing actually, but improvements could have made it better. Although the LG Tone Plus has noise reduction, the microphone could still pick up some of the background noise. The voice quality is clear and volume is good enough. However, slight hissing and static are experienced in some situations. The voice quality is not as good as to how it sounds like if the user would have been using a smartphone’s earpiece instead.

The neckband has controls for both music and calls. The user would be able to switch back and forth between taking phone calls and listening to music. The headset’s neckband also has the Vibrating Call Alert functionality – notifying the user of any incoming calls. The LG Tone Plus provides a clear and crisp sound. However, the quality is way better with listening to music than taking calls.

LG Tone Plus Bluetooth Headsets Other Features

The LG Tone Plus Bluetooth headset offers an ergonomic design and great sound quality in one product. With its unbeatable 33 feet of Bluetooth range connectivity, you can listen to music all you want – at home, at the office, or practically anywhere! With up to 15 hours of talk time, about 10 hours of music listening time, and lasts up to 500 hours on standby – its battery life will never disappoint you.

Charging the battery is a no-sweat process. An ordinary micro USB cable could be used which would take no more than two hours to be charged fully. An audible alert can be received when the battery is getting low.

Another thing that makes LG Tone Plus convenient is its Advanced Multipoint function. Thanks to this feature, it permits two Bluetooth-enabled handsets to be instantly connected. To further make this feature helpful, the Audible Pairing Assistance offers voice-guided information about the connection status. Call waiting between two paired handsets is supported by the LG Tone Plus. For example, you can accept an incoming call from one handset while putting the other call on hold.

A pairing of the Bluetooth headset with a handset is made easier by removing the need for a PIN. As soon as a previously paired handset comes near within the range, it is automatically reconnected into the Bluetooth headset.

Furthermore, the LG Tone Plus is compatible with the HD Voice, or AMR Wideband, network. Calls can be initiated from the Bluetooth headset through the voice dialing feature. If you have an Android device, much advantage is in store for you! With the use of the BT Reader app, you can make use of the really clever text-to-speech conversion. What it does is that it allows you to hear your text messages to be read out loud. Any incoming text messages will be read to you in a clear, easy-to-understand female voice. In case you are too busy to read a text, you can just listen as it is read to you.


LG Tone Plus (HBS-730) offers enhanced audio quality combined with improved features as compared to its predecessor. It is a great device – ergonomic, user-friendly, and functional. The sound quality, however, is outstanding only for listening to music. If your main purpose of buying Bluetooth headphones is listening to music, the LG Tone Plus is highly recommended and would not disappoint you. However, if you plan to use it for chit-chat or lengthy discussions, you might want to consider other options.

All in all, the device is pretty sturdy and convenient to use. For about $60 to $70 a piece, this Bluetooth headset is absolutely a steal.

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