Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review

For today’s review, we’re going to focus on the Logitech G430 Gaming Headset. It’s a mid-range piece designed primarily for gaming, and we’ll be basing our review on that function. So, is the G430 up to snuff, a dud, or something in between? Here’s what we have to say about it:

Logitech 981-000536 G430 7.1 Gaming Headset with Mic

Striking Aesthetic

The G430 sports a blue-and-black motif along with bold but smooth angles. It pulls off a strong personality with just enough color to give it life without being grossly flamboyant. It’s a common problem with other gaming headsets, which tend to go over the top. Not the G430, though. It looks cool in an understated way, which is always the best way to look cool.

Dynamic Audio, Good Soundstaging

The 40mm drivers are able to produce sounds in the 20hz-20khz range, which is an acceptable range for gaming purposes. Sounds lean more on the warm side, with bass that is a tad boomy. This boom scrambles subtler sounds at higher volumes, which is not a good thing when listening to lossless compositions. For average gaming purposes though, it creates the sound that is dynamic and impactful. It also supports DTS X and Dolby 7.1—perfect for directional audio. You’ll be able to more easily echolocate sounds, from gunshots and explosions to footsteps and reloading magazines.

Very Comfortable Setup

The Logitech G430 uses sports-performance cloth on its headband and earpad covers. This cloth is nice and soft, which makes it great for prolonged gaming sessions. You can also take off the ear pad covers to wash them after use. That’s another plus for intense gaming sessions where sweat and oil tend to build up. The generous earcups also have enough room for larger ears. Ears that touch the headphones tend to hurt over time, but that’s not a problem with the G430.

Does Not Handle External Noise Well

This goes for both the microphone and the headphones. The latter allows noise to bleed in due to the materials used in the earcups and ear pads. The former is pretty sensitive and picks up enough background chatter to be a pain. These issues make the G430 a smarter choice for those playing in relatively quiet surroundings. Rambunctious game nights, hectic LAN parties, or crowded conventions? Not so much, unless you don’t mind the noise bleeding through the mic and headphones.

Versatile In/Out Adapters

One strong point of the Logitech G430 is that it comes with a built-in USB adapter. It natively supports 3.5mm jacks for input and output. However, you can plug those in/out jacks into an adapter for USB ports. This makes the G430 ideal for gamers working with multiple console setups. PC, laptop, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch—the G430’s adapter lets you work with all of them.

Verdict: A Decent Mid-Range Choice

The Logitech G430 is a headset that gets the job done—namely provide great gaming audio. Audio leans more toward the dynamic, working well with booming explosions and rising crescendos. Its accurate soundstaging also makes it ideal for action games where pinpoint echolocation is a must. The comfortable design and materials are another strong point, especially for long gaming sessions. Just remember to keep the ambient noise down, and you should be good to go!

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