Sony MDR V150 Review

Sony’s MDR V150s is a radical studio monitor set of headphones. They feature a closed supra-aural design that offers you both comfort and quality. Their closed in-ear cups limit the most ambient noise, which fully immerses you into the details of the music. Engineered to be as comfortable as possible and provide excellent sound, these headphones are perfect for music lovers and sound pros alike.


With their superior comfort and supra-aural ear cups, this monitor series of headphones are made for long periods of listening. They have 30mm diameter drivers that deliver solid bass. The V150’s ear cups are also reversible, which means you can flip one over for one-sided monitoring.

For their build, Sony used high-end materials and progressive technology. They were meant for studio use and professional sound applications. However, they are not out of reach for newer or veteran audiophiles.

Larger than what is found in most pairs of headphones, the 30 mm drivers allow for deeper bass with less distortion. They provide a bass response extending as low as 18 Hz. Their ferrite magnets deliver high energy without needing to be big and heavy and still give off a broad sound output.

These headphones are meant for long-term use and listening to high outputs. The V150s rest softly in the ear. The 30 mm drivers being positioned at a precise distance from the ear canal. This ensures better environmental control and cleaner sound. They feature are wide, a molded headband that shares the weight over a larger area. This means less tension on your head and more comfort.

The headset also uses an oxygen-free copper cable. This conducts electricity smoother than traditional copper cables and provides minimal background noise. Overall, these are a good set of headphones for their value. You won’t spend a fortune on them and you will still get good sound quality.


These headphones are not going to be winning any prizes for best in class sound. But that does not mean they provide bad sound quality. Powered by 30mm drivers, the V150s provide decent quality bass. However, they lack some of the kick that some of their competitors have to offer. They also deliver rather strong highs at sometimes. But this will vary depending on the types of music and recording quality.

Offering an overall average soundscape, these headphones leave a bit to be desired. Depending on the music, they sometimes deliver a hollow sound. Some have also claimed that the V150s are lagging behind their competitors in terms of the mid and high ranges.


  • Wired connectivity technology; sony mdr v150 headphone review
  • Supra-aural design and wide molded headband for comfort during long listening sessions;
  • 30mm driver units and a lightweight ferrite magnet provides a full-range sound with deep bass;
  • Reversible earcups allow single-sided monitoring, for DJing applications, mono mix checking, etc.;
  • Fixed stereo mini-plug for use with portable equipment; 1/4-inch phone plug for studio/audio equipment;
  • Frequency response: 18 Hz – 22 kHz;

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