Symphonized Wraith Premium Genuine Wood Headphones Review

Symphonized has gained a lot of popularity, mainly owing to its use of conventional materials such as wood in the products. The brand has given a lot of interesting earbuds and headphones. The innovative design and choice and choice of materials make the brand rather unique. The Wraith 2.0 premium genuine wood headphones are another feather in the cap for Symphonized. If you check the forums, you will see that each customer has left a positive symphonized wraith 2 review. This is a clear indication that the product lives up to its brand reputation. This is another symphonized wraith premium genuine wood headphones review for you, including all the noteworthy features of the headphones.

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Bluetooth Genuine Wood

What is the most Impressive thing about Symphonised Wraith 2 Headphones?

No symphonized wraith 2.0 review would ever be worth reading without an outline of its most impressive feature. So here it is, right in the beginning. The moment you try on these headphones, the sound quality will simply blow your minds off. It has a unique acoustical property that gives life to every genre of music you listen. It is capable of replicating the sound of each musical instrument to the finest detail. If you look up any symphonized wraith premium review, you will find plenty of praise for its amazing sound quality. You might be also interested in best headphones for classical music.

The headphone is handcrafted with attention to detail. These headphones also go through meticulous testing to ensure quality and durability. The end result is a very fine set of headphones, true to its salt. The best part, however, is that you do not have to spend an entire fortune in order to get these headphones. They are very much affordable for just about everyone.


If you check any symphonized wraith 2.0 premium review, chances are that you will end up as a fan of its style quotient. Indeed, the headphone is truly unique. It has a very sleek and stylish design that can go well with any get up. The metal accents make it look modern and sophisticated. Furthermore, the walnut wood attached to the earmuff makes it instantly unique and alluring.

Noise Isolation

Going through a symphonized wraith headphones review, you would definitely want to know about its noise isolation. Well, the noise isolation in this headphone is simply excellent. It blocks out everything except the tunes. This, together with the wood earpieces gives a loud booming bass. The headphones are able to recreate the powerful sound that is experienced in concert halls.


This may not define the performance of the headphone. However, it definitely needs a mention just in order to make this symphonized wraith 2.0 premium genuine wood headphones review completely. The headphones come in a sleek case which is very handy during travels. This protective case is designed to protect the headphones from damage through physical impact.


The headphones can be charged and used with Bluetooth for wireless listening. However, if you are low on the charge, you can use the cable that comes included with the headphones for wired listening. Don’t miss the top 10 list of best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 100 dollars.

Other Notable Features of the Symphonised Headphones

The review for symphonized wraith premium genuine wood is intended to be a highly detailed one.  So here are some additional things that are worth noting.

  • You can use the headphones for answering and ending calls
  • It is compatible with voice control
  • You can skip tracks while listening to music
  • You can use it to cancel out the noise while traveling on a busy train or bus
  • The padding is very soft and comfortable.

Overall, the headphones are quite good, with a great sound experience and large comfortable ear cups. They look and feel very luxurious. You can choose from three different wood options – walnut, maple, and cherry. The only complaint is that they are not very comfortable when used with glasses. Also, they start feeling a little uncomfortable if used continuously for more than 4 hours. Otherwise, the product is simply amazing, especially given the price. Hope you found this symphonized wraith review helpful.

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